Custom CO2 laser cutters.


We specialize in manufacturing cost effective machinery for cutting flexible non metallic material  including abrasive papers, films and cloth.  Materials in sheet form or in long rolls are automatically fed in the cutting area. High speed "flying optics" insure repeatability and accuracy.


It is a proven system. Our technology has been in use for more than five years in our own " in house"  fabrication operation. With millions of pieces cut on our Blue Dot machines, reliability and low costs can be expected.

From your .dxf drawing to finished parts

Through our affiliation with Starcke Abrasives we offer a turnkey machinery and material package if you are an abrasive distributor or fabricator.

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Any part that can be drawn can be easily processed on a Blue Dot laser.

Material roll sizes are 12" wide by 100 to 300 yards long. Optional narrow and wider width machines are available.

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