Our Story


Known for responsive solutions and laser cutting expertise, Blue Dot Laser is one of the most innovative US CO2 laser builders.  We started out building our machines in 2010 to meet our own production needs and to push the envelope on what medium wattage lasers could do.  We found inexpensive import machines  were not reliable and could not do  what we needed. We also talked to the big laser machine producers but even their machines that were priced more than $500,000 could not do what we needed.  We decided to build a machine that we knew would work in our industry.


Thinking outside the box.


We now produce several CO2 laser cutters. Our entry level target price for a complete system was set at $50,000. We achieved this goal. We now offer several standard machines as well as machines for custom applications.  Our machines can auto feed rolls or sheets of material that are less than 6" wide and with a width up to 32". Additional designs are on the drawing board and we are always interested in building special machines for unique applications.