Intuitive operator interface produces consistent complex shapes
Intuitive software and operator interface

Blue Dot cutting machines can be purchased separately or in a complete system.

Additional  components  include material unwind stands and rewind stands. Internal air assist  compressor, chiller, vacuum hold down and fume extraction units.


Mal ware and viruses are of great concern to any company. We use the most advanced technology, techniques, and protection software to stave off attacks and malicious software from harming your business.


We welcome  sampling  your materials and parts.  We  offer competitive pricing for producing your parts and processing your materials  as you evaluate your need for  purchasing a  laser cutter. A  single head Blue Dot laser cutter starts at $35,000.00 with full  featured complete systems averaging approximately $65,000.00. 


Cost effective CO2 laser cutting solutions


Blue Dot medium wattage CO2 laser cutting machines are designed and built in the USA from components sourced locally and internationally. We use reliable, tested  parts, motors and motion controllers.  Consumable maintenance parts like lenses and mirrors are stocked locally. Customer support is an easy phone call or e-mail away. It's likely that when requesting customer support you will actually talk to the person that was on the build team for your machine. We understand that any "down time" disrupts product output.


The Blue Dot model C260 12x25AF is our standard machine.

         Laser power: 230w (max 260w). Optional wattage 300w and 400w.

         Auto material feed with material unwind stand and skeletal waste collection.

         Cutting Field: 13" X 25" (330mm X 635mm)

         Cutting speed: Up to 20" per second (500mm)


Blue Dot laser machines are optimized to work with difficult to cut thin materials. Our lasers work best with flat material  under .125" in thickness ( 3mm to 4mm). We incorporate a unique vacuum hold down system that keeps the material within the lasers optimal focal point. Optional hold down systems are available for cutting difficult materials. Multiple cutting heads and  cutting widths up to +30" ( 770mm) are available.   

Complete system

All operating software is included with our machines.  Produce your drawing on this software or import any .dxf file.  Any shape that can be drawn can be cut out of non metallic materials. Blue dot lasers can be connected to your in house network so a standalone computer is not required.

Prices, quotes and processing samples